History of GIDAS

In 1999 GIDAS started in Hannover and Dresden. The aim was, especially for the development of automobiles, to establish two place in Germany as the need for in-depth studies is steady growing,. GIDAS (German In-Depth Accident Study) arised from a cooperation between the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) and the German Association for Research in the Automobile Technology (FAT). FAT and BASt members have a constant access to all cases in the databank, that grows annually by about 2000 cases. Since 2005 the dataprocessing has been in a constant development. 300-350 variables are modified annually. This ensures a high precision. Since 2010 EURO-NCAPs have been executed, based on the GIDAS databank.

In both insepection areas borders have been drawn to guarantee an accurate relation for all traffic situations, street types and about one million inhabitants between this areas and whole Germany. The interdisciplinary team of engineers and doctors is constantly growing.

Steering committee

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